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Bryant's Custom Jigs is a small family-owned business operated by me, Larry Bryant, and my sons, Ross and Cole. Bass fishing is our shared passion. Since big bass are our prey, most often a jig is our bait of choice. Our hunt for a high quality, customized bass jig peaked our interest to try our hand at making our own jigs. And thus, the art of making jigs became our obsession. Our main goal is to create the ultimate jig that features smoothly painted and durable heads, Trokar hooks, and skirts that suit the customer's preference. Customizing jigs to each individual's liking is what we love to do.


Ultimately, we believe:


"Quality Jigs Catch Quality Fish!"




“Just received my order of jigs from Bryant's custom jigs. And Mr. Larry met all my expectations on customizing my jigs. Great person to talk to also. Jigs are very strong definitely can handle up to heavy cover!! Thanks again Mr. Larry..”

                                                       Chad W.

“I just bought a couple of larrys jigs...... Wow is all I can say. They are some of the nicest jigs I have ever seen or fished. Buy Bryant's Jigs and you won't be disappointed!! After receiving my first order he now has a life long customer!!! Thanks Larry!!!.”

                                                   Jonathan S.