BCJ Football Jigs

  • ​Made with Trokar hooks ONLY!

  • Hand poured

  • Sanded, chemically bathed, washed & cleaned, powder-painted & baked in 3 day process

  • Top quality materials used

  • Upscale or downscale Trokar hook sizes

  • Orders are custom made as they are received

  • Hand-tied copper wire wrapped silicone skirts (NO rubber collars used)

  • Epoxied weed guards

  • Weights and hook sizes:  1/4 oz with 3/0 Trokar hook, 3/8 oz with 3/0 Trokar hook, 1/2 oz with 4/0 Trokar hook, 3/4 oz with 5/0 Trokar hook


Customization is always an option - If you have requests that are not listed, visit the custom jigs tab and email us with your needs/wants at bryantscustomjigs@gmail.com. We would be more than happy to create your personalized design!