9 lb bass caught at Caney Lake



All Bryant's Custom Jigs are individually poured, hand-sanded, cleaned, powder painted, and baked, producing the optimum quality head. Every jig contains a Trokar hook. Skirts are made by selecting colors considering seasonal patterns, water conditions, and lake-specific forage. The skirting material is then cut and hand-tied with copper wire only. After skirts are trimmed, weed guards are epoxied and attached. Weed guards are not trimmed, allowing the customer to modify them to their liking. The final stage in making a Bryant's Custom Jig is a twelve hour curing process before shipping.


BCJ offers an assortment of colors, various types & weights of heads, and a choice of different sized Trokar hooks. Choose from our diverse collection of products or choose to create your own personalized jig. 


We would LOVE to hear your stories. Please post your fish pictures captured on our product to our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you,

Larry Bryant