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BCJ products are hand-crafted and individually designed. Louisiana made and BCJ Proud! Fish BCJ strong with our personalized custom creations: Tournament Edition Flipping Jigs, A-Rigs, Ball Jigs, Caroling Pre-Rigs, Swim Jigs, Blades (Spinnerbaits), Football Jigs, SOS (Shaky Heads), Bladed Jigs, Swing Heads, TWT Buzz (buzz baits), and Tungsten. "Quality Products Catch Quality Fish!"


BCJ offers an assortment of colors, various types & weights of heads, and a choice of different sized Trokar hooks. Choose from our diverse collection of products or choose to create your own personalized product. 


We would LOVE to hear your stories. Please post your fish pictures captured on our products and tag us on Instagram or Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you,

Larry Bryant


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